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Gate 21.6 human design

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Gate 21 Line 6 today, April 03rd at 06pm. Gate 21 Line 5 today, April 02nd at 08pm. This series explains the energy of each gate around the Spleen Center (these are known as the Fear Gates) so you can learn to master your fears and become unstoppable—in ways that are correct for YOU. For each gate, we’ll cover the circuitry of the gate, its gifts and challenges, its “fear,” and practical ways This Gate is part of the Channel of Mating, A Design Focused on Reproduction, linking the Solar Plexus Center (Gate 6) to the Sacral Center (Gate 59). Gate 6 is part of the Tribal (Defense) Circuit with the keynote of support. Gate 6 in the Solar Plexus Center generates all three modes of emotional awareness: feelings, moods and sensitivity. 2018-07-12 Gate of Fixed Rhythms energy is a mechanical need to have fixed rhythm in your life.


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We all look at our charts and say … I have Gate 42 …. or Gate 3.. We can understand a lot about ourselves by knowing which gates are ‘switched on’ in our design. The Sun has now traveled to Gate 21, THE TREASURER or CONTROL. In I-Ching, this hexagram is called BITING THROUGH.  This is the energy for CONTROLLING resources so that we have what we need when we need it. CONTROL is definitely part of the theme and it can play out as being overly CONTR 2019-09-16 · While the Sun is transiting in Human Design Gate 6 we have the potential to more emotional, sexual and defensive. This is a great time to focus on what you can do to create more peace in your relationships.
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Angus S 33 Gates (1967). reaktordesign, driftoptimering, avfallshantering och design av mellan- och 105,6. 104,3.

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