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The model was the successor to the VFR750F and shares the V4 engine configuration with the Honda VF and VFR series. The VF1000 range of Honda motorcycles were manufactured and sold between 1984 and 1988. The VF1000 is named after its V-4 998 cc double overhead cam 16 valve engine.There were three main models in the VF1000 range, the VF1000F (also known as Interceptor), the VF1000R and the VF1000F2. One of Honda's most popular bikes, the VFR 800 Interceptor is the subject of this week's Road Test. See what Dave and our guest, Christina Bradfordthought.Fo 2007 Honda Vfr 800 3 INTERCEPTOR, Super clean '07 Honda VFR 800 25th Anniversary Interceptor with Red, White, Blue color scheme. Only 2900 miles, never been down, no issues whatsoevertitle is clean, clear and in my name. Comes with factory hard bags ($1000 option).

Vfr 1000 interceptor

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Vi har tusentals produkter redo att skickas till HONDA VF 1000 F Interceptor. Honda also developed a limited edition VFR, the Honda RC30, as a homologation racing platform. This motorcycle achieved some racing success, but the introduction of very light inline-four motorcycles by competing firms led Honda to downgrade its racing plans. Honda's VF model lineup had engine capacities ranging from 400 cc to 1,000 cc. Honda Vfr 2021 Engine – Honda Vfr 2021. Specs and Review Honda Vfr 2021. 2014 Honda Interceptor / Interceptor Deluxe Preview, Specs & Photos.

The Honda Interceptor is a sport touring motorcycle by Honda that has been around since 1998.

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Honda VF1000F / VF1000F2: specs. Specifications. DIMENSIONS , Overall length, 2210 mm / 87,0 in – VF1000F.

Honda Vfr-Historia: Del Ii - Specialfunktion - 2021

Awesome collector bike that you can ride and enjoy. 403-963-0656. 2019-03-09 Motorcycles on Autotrader has listings for new and used Honda Interceptor 1000 Motorcycles for sale near you.

Cycle World magazine’s perennial Top-10 street bike features Honda’s legendary innovation, world-class performance and unsurpassed quality and finish. Features & Benefits New For 2000 Begagnad Honda VF 1000 F Interceptor (VF1000F SC15) motordelar.
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Error: Some  Oct 26, 2015 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-VF1000R-Interceptor-1985-1986-Pistons-Rods- Very-Nice-/191744691005?hash=item2ca4dfcb3d:g:  honda vf1000 re signed by john mcguinness and jim redman used | in sheffield, south yorksh.

Honda also developed a limited-edition VFR the Honda RC30.
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Honda V4 - Sabmag Scandinavia – VF / VFR / RVF / NR / RCV

Oct 19, 2005 Maybe that I will be stuck with a $20 paper weight! There are some 98 VFR bars on there too but they are getting too expensive for my blood. I  This page is about VFR 1000 Interceptor,contains Honda VF1000 Honda VF1000 ,For Sale: 1985 Honda VF1000R Interceptor,VF1000F & Interceptor,Honda Vfr  Specifications. Honda VF1000F / VF1000F2: specs.

Honda VF 1000 R "Americana" with the square light - Pinterest

CB 1000 F Big One S. Four 1993-1997 (fram) CB 600 F N/ CB 600 VF 750 F Interceptor/ VF 750 S 1982-1985 (fram) VFR 750 F 1986-1989 (fram) VFR 750 F  Honda VFR 400 R NC30 1991. Honda CB 450 Honda VF 750 Interceptor RC15 1983 - 1984.

VTR 1000 F Firestorm, VTR 1000 SP1, VTR 1000 SP2, VTR 250, VTX 1300 R Vespa PX 125, 3D 350 / S, Himalayan, Interceptor 650, Terräng 125, 125 XT  Relay Honda CB CBR RVT VFR VT 500 600 650 750 800 900 954 1000 CRF VFR 750 Interceptor -- 1990-1997 , Honda VFR 800 Interceptor -- 1998-2009  97-00 VF750F,INTERCEPTOR(RC15) 83-84 VF750S,SABRE(RC07) 82-84 Super Four (SC30) 1993-96 CB1000F/P-T 1993-96 CBF500 2004- CBF500  VT600CD/Shadow/VLX 94, NT600 Hawk/GT 88-91, VFR700 F/Interceptor 88-89, VFR750F 88-95, CBR1000F 89-92, VFR1000 89, ST1100 Pan European 90-,  VF750S /C/F VFR750 FG/FH/FJ/FK 86-89. VF750C Magna 82-92. VF750F Interceptor 83-86. CBR1000 87-97. CBR1000F 87-88. VF1000F /FII Interceptor 84-86 The first production motorcycle in the 1000cc VF range known as the 1000 Interceptor, was launched in the USA and Canada in March 1984. March 1984 (VF) 1000 Interceptor The Interceptor had a 998cc 113 BHP 16 valve V-4 engine with double over head chain driven cams.